Friday, June 25, 2010

Flower Power

I'm pretty sure I would have embraced this look if I grew up in the 60's. Peace, love, and happiness...who doesn't want that? 

Growing up in the 90's (a few decades late) I embraced a modern version of a flower child, either that or I was just a wannabe. I wore bell bottoms, big floral printed polyester shirts, platform shoes, and listened to the Beatles, The Doors, and Janis Joplin. I was obsessed with those "flower power" stickers and even painted them on the trim around my bedroom door (without asking of course)!

A picture was requested, so here it is...age 15.

Maybe this image better represents my current style (or how I feel)...why is it that flowers make people feel so good?

Volkswagen gets it! Even they know the affect flowers can have, so they've incorporated a bud vase into the design of the new Beetle. Yes, anyone can just stick a flower in their car, but I love how this was part of Volkswagen's design process.

And who doesn't want a bud vase next to their kitchen faucet? Okay...don't answer that, but I know I do. Yes, I could always place a single vase next to the faucet myself, but then the flowers would die, the vase would be rinsed, stored away and forgotten about. A beautiful built-in vase would look strange left empty, so I would make sure there was always a delicate little flower looking over my dirty dishes.

Belo faucet by Brizo

Floriano faucet by Brizo

 Or maybe it's just my love for Orchids...they make everything look a little nicer.

You may even find them in some of my designs...

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