Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mediterranean Digital Baroque

I absolutely love the "Mediterranean Digital Baroque" collection designed by Jaime Hayón for Hydrology in Chicago.

I'm very much into the white on white look these days. I love this high gloss white vanity, silhouette mirror, and gold plated sink. The sink basins are created in Bosa ceramic and then plated in 24k gold or platinum, or finished in yellow, black or white.

I'm not sure how those little legs are supporting this tub, but who cares! I would love to be soaking in that tub with fresh fruit and flowers at my fingertips.

Again, those little legs must be strong. This linen cabinet looks like something out of a fairytale. I see it coming to life at night when everyone is sleeping, and it dancing around the bathroom with it's furniture friends.

It wouldn't be complete without little accents like these wall hangers.

I think that sculpture in the corner is a towel rack.

A better view of that soaking tub allows us to see that those legs do have some help after all. The furniture pieces are available in both black and white.

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