Friday, June 18, 2010

Recycled Pendants

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; I've known no other way in my lifetime to discard of plastics, paper, metal, and glass. My parents taught my brothers and I the importance of recycling very early on. I was spoiled for seven years in Portland, Oregon where recycling comes natural to everyone, and the city makes it very easy to embrace this lifestyle. Restaurant's compost, electric cars are plugged into charging stations, and the public transportation options continue to grow. I lived in this clean, progressive city, oblivious to what was happening (or not happening) in the rest of the country. I knew it wasn't like this everywhere, but I at least thought recycling was just the way we (as a country) lived now. A two month stay in a suburb of Chicago opened my eyes to how much further we have to go. I found stacks of recycling bins in ally ways completely empty, and trash bins over flowing. No one recycled for much further?...I don't know. 

The Eastbank esplanade, Portland, OR

Sorry to get off track...what I wanted to talk about were these recycled pendant lights. Not only are they made from recycled materials, but the material is still these recycled traffic lights. 

Recycled traffic light covers are made into fabulous pendant light by Green Light Concepts in San Francisco, available in red, yellow, and green (obviously). Cities are upgrading their traffic lights to more energy efficient lighting technology, but in the meantime the old covers are headed to landfills. What a great way to RESCUE and reuse!

 How about a pendant made from aluminum pull tabs? 
The "Pop Pendant Light" by Mauricio Alfonso

Or the "Starlight" pendant by Eleek Inc.
I know this is 100% recycled aluminum, but is it a gas range burner? 

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  1. We truly are spoiled here in portland! Thanks for the reminder, sometimes it's easy to forget what an amaazing city it is!!!