Thursday, July 15, 2010

Google Doodle: Josef Frank

I'm always amused by Google's creative search engine themes (aka "Google doodles") but today's theme was especially intriguing. I was immediately drawn to the bold colors and stylistic and slightly psychedelic patterns that spelled the word "Google"...if you look close enough. 

I know I have seen these patterns before, so I had to learn more. It turns out Google was honoring Josef Frank's 125th birthday today, a famous Austrian-Swedish architect and the creator of the Vienna School of Architecture. 

Josef Frank 1960

I promise I paid attention during my History of Furniture class, but it wasn't until I "Googled" images of his work that I knew why his name seemed so familiar. His patterns are everywhere! In addition to his architectural work, he designed furniture, furnishings, and textiles. Most upholstered pieces and accessories can be found at Anthropologie and Bonluxat...

and textiles at


These pieces can run a pretty penny, so keep an eye out for Josef inspired furniture and fabrics at stores such as Ikea and Pottery Barn...

Or wallpaper an accent wall...

But if you are anything like me, and your style changes with the seasons, perhaps recovering a side chair is all the Josef Frank you need...for now.

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