Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, white, and Oooh...I want that table!

My 4th of July weekend plans are I don't have any. It's rare to have two days off in a row, so I'm just going to take advantage of spending the weekend with my boys. However, next year I'd love to go away, perhaps somewhere closer to the water where fireworks can be seen from the beach or a beach house. How fabulous would it be to spend your summer getaways at this home?

White kitchens are classic, but incorporating a touch of color to the cabinetry is a great way to add interest to the space. 

Speaking of classics...I love, love, love this Eero Saarinen "Tulip" table and some day hope to get my hands on one!

Paper lanterns are so simple and inexpensive, yet add such a pleasant and whimsical feel to a space. Different sizes and colors filled with a low wattage bulb can really make a room feel magical at night. 

Did I mention this home belongs to my boyfriend's cousin? 
Perhaps I will see it some day!

Some people tend can get carried away with holiday decorations, but simple touches such as these can really set the scene for a great party. 
If I ever decide to bake it will be with fresh, local fruit. 

This table setting is wonderful! It incorporates red, white, and blue in a very nontraditional way, and I just love that. 

I'll save this idea for when I have little ones some day, but I'll have them decorate their own can. 

Yum indeed! Happy 4th everyone!

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  1. Don't we all wish we could vacation in a home like this....maybe next year we can all visit together.