Thursday, August 5, 2010


As I scooted the windy roads of Block Island yesterday I found myself desperately searching for design inspiration. It didn't help that the day started off with a rocky ferry ride and overcast sky's, and I couln't help but notice that the grey shingled and weathered houses all lacked a little personality. 

After a quick lunch (and a delicious Bloody Mary) the sun came out and I began to notice a few subtle pops of color among these neutral oceanside homes.

I managed to snap a few pictures as we drove back to the bike rental (at a whopping 25 miles per hour).  

I was a little late with my camera as we whizzed by a quaint symmetrical house painted a warm gray with light gray trim and shutters accented with a fuchsia front door. The color combination was so fun...a little color can go a long way!

The majority of the houses were shades of gray, but this house was a crisp white with a beautiful aqua door. This house really popped against the bright blue sky.

Blue and orange can go terribly wrong, but this is just enough to make this house stand out above the rest. The blue door alone would work just fine, but the funky orange chairs give it a little something extra. I'd love to get my hands on those chairs. 


Again, there's that gorgeous aqua, but this time against gray siding with accents of wrought iron hinges on the doors. 

The Gothic Inn had great architectural details, but the light pink Adirondack chairs lined up out front added a whimsical touch. I picture happy couples sipping lemonade as they watch the tourists pass by.

Although this is not my favorite shade of red (or coral), I applaud this owner for adding some color to the island. I know the luscious green hills, sandy beaches, and miles of water should be enough, but why not use those elements as a backdrop to your brightly painted vacation home? 

Overall, the ride was relaxing, the day turned out to be beautiful, and I found some new color inspiration on this quaint little island. 

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  1. Look into the grass next time you are on island - see the pretty purple wild peas? If you look closer, this time of year, there are big, fat, juicy, ripe blackberries to be had.

    some times

    one needs to slow down

    and look closer at what is in front of them.