Saturday, August 28, 2010


As I prepare my apartment to host a small gathering of lovely ladies for brunch tomorrow, I can't help but day dream about the perfect outdoor gathering spot. I constantly go back and forth between wanting a small yard or a rooftop deck (which might not be an option in my current city). If I had a small yard I would love a colorful pergola just like this...

I love the layered table linens, turquoise plates and warm yellow canopies of fabric draping from striped poles. The wooden folding chairs, jute rug, and wicker side table gives this a Mediterranean vibe in the middle of your own backyard. 

However, sipping mimosa's on a rooftop deck surrounded by tall sky scrapers and a clear blue sky would be fantastic. The clean lines and crisp white couches are perfect for a relaxing Sunday.

Tiled platforms with mattresses are a great way to create a  southwestern style daybed. Large clay pots filled with cacti add a touch of greenery to the sandy colored pallet of this rooftop terrace. 

I could read (or nap) for hours under this wooden canopy. 


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