Thursday, September 23, 2010


Although my man and I are very happy in our current apartment with our fantastic roommate, we can't help debate; "loft vs. backyard" for our next place. I vote loft without a doubt, and I look at staircases as a form of exercise for Miguel and I (although I think he benefits from it more then I do)...awe...little guy! I've taken up gardening this year for the first time, meaning, I've planted plants in pots around my sunny apartment. That's about as far as I go. I'd prefer to walk to a pretty garden in a park or pay someone to do the landscaping (right Mom?). I'm not lazy and not afraid to get my hands dirty, but for some reason it's just not my thing. So here are some lovely lofts and cozy backyards to think about...

I'll always love exposed brick walls, tall windows and open floor plans common in many loft apartments...

 ...but a ground floor space means backyard access and cozy outdoor gatherings. 

Painted exposed brick creates a crisp pallet for many design possibilities in a loft...

...but so do grey slate tiles in a backyard patio.

 Nope! Lofts are still in the lead.
The open floor plan begs for creative ways to break up the space;
bookcases become room dividers and gatherings are no longer confined to a single room. 

However, outdoor dining can be extremely beautiful and intimate.

Have I mentioned how much I love sheer curtains (and Bertioa chairs)? 

And so does Miguel. 

Tall ceilings in lofts allow for tall indoor trees instead of your typical house plant...

...But it's hard to compete with New England foliage.

There's just something about the mystery of these buildings. Like, what was it before people moved in and started hanging art?

What was this space used for before someone decided to make it their personal gymnasium?

And how is this old building supporting thousands of pounds of water for an indoor pool?

I still vote loft, but there's nothing like a pool with a view.

I think I'll take the third floor of this place for now. 

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