Thursday, September 16, 2010


In honor of my weird, miss-matched outfit today (due to a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear) here is an even weirder outfit. I can be pretty gutsy with my outfit choices, but I'm not sure if I could pull off this one. I love it on her, and the large glasses and big blonde hair ties the look together. 

I would love to spend a day rummaging through this closet full of vintage dresses and shoes. The paper lanterns and concert posters add to the vintage vibe, and I bet there are some great fabrics or tapestries in that stack above the shoes. For me, a great closet is being able to see everything at once. My current problem is I forget about the clothes that are not right in front of me. When I show up to work in something out of the ordinary, my coworkers usually ask if I went shopping, and my response is, "yes, in the back of my closet."

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