Friday, September 17, 2010


I have died and gone to patchwork heaven! I stumbled across COUCH last night while searching for some inspiration, and inspiration is what I found. This is the prettiest quilted furniture I have ever seen! My favorite colors, patterns, and textures all combined to cover fantastic antique couches, chairs, and ottomans. 

The Marrakech Sofa

"Established in 2008 by Deborah Swift, Couch specializes in producing exquisite furniture with a difference. Period furniture sourced from around the world, lovingly restored and finally upholstered to the highest standard so as to produce a finish that is electrifying, sumptuous, and totally unique". 

The Luberon Chair

The Nimes Chaise

The Cezanne Couch 

The Parisian Chairs

The Arles Sofa

The Kerala Sofa

The Anitbes Chaise

Cushions: The Jaipur Collection

The Sorgues Armchair

Pushkar Footstool

Cushions: The Raj Collection

The Avignon Table Stool

This has definitely inspired me to recover an old bench and antique phone table I've been hanging on to for a few years. 


  1. Oh this is so awesome, I am so tired of store made designs. This is how I can be me in my home. I love it all.

    1. Aren't these great! It's been awhile since I looked at this post, so thank you for reminding me how much I love it!!!
      Thanks for reading:)