Saturday, September 4, 2010


This morning I will be heading over to a local tile showroom (Arrow Tile in Northampton) to help a client pick out a backsplash for her kitchen. This could be my favorite part of completing a kitchen design, although I don't get to do it as often as I'd like. There are so many creative ways to dress up a kitchen without using tile, but if tile is an option for a client, I can't help but get excited to be a part of choosing the finishing touch!

I was introduced to Ann Sacks Tile back in Portland, Oregon while I was studying interior design. Our Intro to Interiors class spent a day over at the showroom and I instantly fell in love! The shapes, textures, and colors were unlike any other tile I had seen. I began to notice Ann Sacks advertisements in my design magazines and was always intrigued by the idea that the patterns were chosen from our everyday lives; their slogan even stating, "Shouldn't all rooms be living?"

Ceramic, glass, leather, concrete, metal, porcelain, and even wood are among the materials used to create these beautiful tiles. 

If these tiles are too wild, Ann Sacks offers many traditional designs as well. Unfortunately, the Boston Design Center is the closest showroom to Western Massachusetts. 

To shop locally for other tile, stop by Arrow Tile, All Around Tile, or Classic Kitchens & Baths (offering Trikeenan Tile) to browse the collections. 

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