Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Bright, bold colors make life a little more interesting...at least in my book. One wall, one can of paint, and few hours can change the entire look of a room for just about $40. The best part about it, if you don't like it just paint over it. 

 A large open white wall space could seem unfinished in this kitchen, but by painting it a bold color the wall becomes a focal point and makes the room feel a bit more intimate. 

This eclectic turquoise dining room feels very warm and inviting even with a cool color painted on the walls. 

This shade of yellow is not one of my favorites, but it works well as a statement wall in this room with contrasting black and turquoise furniture and accessories. 

 I've grown to love pink lately. I still have a hard time wearing it, but covering my walls in hot pink...no problem!

 Purple will always be a comfort color for me. It's bold, but not painfully bright. 

 Living in Massachusetts this shade of green usually reminds me of the Boston Celtics and the many months fans will be sporting this color. As a non sports fan (but occasional supporter) I may have to start embracing this color more often. In fact I think I love this shade of green behind the stark white cabinetry!

What color would you choose?


  1. Next time you come over you'll have to check out our upstairs bathroom. It's super small and BRIGHT red!

  2. Definitely! I can't believe I haven't seen the upstairs yet!