Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Some of you know that although I'm a kitchen designer, I'm not often found using the kitchen. In fact, one of my favorite quotes (yes, I'm going to quote Sex and the City) is when Carrie says "Of course, I don't know about that because I keep sweaters in my stove" referring to remodeling her new apartment. I've never kept sweaters in my stove, but for a few months one summer I lived a beautiful one bedroom apartment with a walk-in pantry just big enough to wheel in my chrome clothing rack. The shelves became a great place to display shoes, hats, belts, purses, and scarves, and a full length mirror had a home next to the small window that let in great morning light. 

Not my closet, just a picture that I've always loved. It's sweet and simple. 

I'm not sure why I lack the desire to prepare a nice home cooked meal, but it could have to do with my many years working in restaurants and having meals prepared for me. I suppose I got spoiled. I could make the same sandwich as the person next to me but theirs would taste better. However, my lack of cooking experience (or desire to cook) does not affect my passion for designing a great, functional kitchen.  

I came across this photo the other day and immediately thought of my many talented friends who love to cook and cook for a living. I have a little obsession with glass jars and wish I had more ingredients to fill a wall such as this one. To all of my pastry chefs, line cooks, and herbal healers; would this wall of open shelves be something you'd like to have in your own home?

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