Wednesday, October 6, 2010


...she's engaged!!! 

It seems like just yesterday that we were exchanging curious glances in Spanish class, taking notes of each others outfit choices of the day. She was the new girl in town and I remember thinking how strange it was when she showed up to class wearing almost an identical mini jumper dress and striped thigh highs as me! Well, it wasn't too strange considering it was the mid 90's and the grunge/My So-Called Life phase was in full affect. This was the beginning of many wild adventures, one of them which took us across country to her current city of Portland, Oregon. A three week road trip of strange motels, fake ID's, and strep throat landed us in the Rose city where she fell in love. 

As a new blogger, I'm constantly stumbling across interesting and inspiring blogs, many of which are relating to weddings and party planning. I haven't paid much attention to wedding blogs until now. I'll try to contain myself, but I may not be able to help the occasional wedding post. For a are some blogs to follow to get the wedding wheels spinning...

Congratulations Emily & Shawn!

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