Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been anxiously awaiting the photos of one of my latest kitchen projects and they have finally arrived! I hope you enjoy!

From the first meeting my clients knew they wanted natural red birch cabinetry to compliment the post and beam construction of the house, and to contrast with the modern elements that would be added throughout the renovation. 

Entering the house you are surrounded by exposed Douglas Fir posts and beams. Where the large indoor plant now lives, a wall used to cover the two beams closing in the small sitting room. The once very dark entryway is now open and inviting, but part of the wall was left to display a large painting. 

As you turn the corner into the kitchen, a new wine bar replaces an old pantry closet. Frosted glass wall cabinets lit from inside, horizontal bottle storage, stemware holders, and a wine cooler complete the look, and makes a great addition to a home for entertaining. 

Under cabinet lighting reflects off the clear glasses and horizontal glass tiles. 

The layout of this space is almost identical to what was here before (see below for before and after picture). The tile floor was new and they wanted to keep the appliances where they were. The original sink was placed below a small window that overlooked the side yard. Now the sink overlooks a raised seating area and the new living room. 

Old posts were exposed and new ones were added to create this open living space, and adding small slate shelves between them gave the homeowners a unique space to display some of their glass vases. The peach colored walls and touches of green throughout compliment the Marinace Green granite countertops. 

Again, the layout of the old kitchen worked well for them including a small stool on the inside of the work space. This was the clients favorite place to sit in the old kitchen so we made sure to keep that a part of the new design.   

Turning the corner into the dining area an open cabinet with frosted glass shelves displays some of their pottery, and counter height bar stools were placed in front of more cabinetry for occasional storage. 

Where the floor changes color (and wood species) there was once an exterior wall that made the dining room and kitchen feel dark and cramped.  

The raised bar height seating in the living room allows you to look down into the kitchen work space. Taller open cabinetry supports the countertop and showcases more of their pottery. 

Glass pyramid pendant lights hang from a curved track over the raised bar and add a touch of playfulness to the natural wood tones and elements throughout the space. 

The house is full of natural elements, funky accessories and an eclectic collection of artwork. 

Before & After

Their house is now warm, open and inviting. 

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