Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Almost ever morning on my drive to work I put the iPod away and listen into NPR's Morning Edition. I don't get the newspaper, and most of my time online is spent...well...doing this, so it's my time to catch up. This morning in between supreme court cases, medical discoveries and climate change was an article about Paul Burns, the owner of FireClay Tile in Northern California. After many failed attempts to try to buy old pocelian toilets from landfills, he finally found one who accepted his proposal to dig through the trash and collect toilets to use for his new porcelain tile line. 

It truly is amazing that we can take dirty old toilets, tubs, and vanities and turn them into gorgeous decorative tiles.  

Toilets are not the only recycled material Paul uses. He has used recycled glass bottles, sludge from sandblasting water pipes (whatever that is) and granite dust from a local quarry. Although he recently passed up an offer to reuse the yeast from a Budweiser plant due to an intense, unworkable odor, but I'm sure he's constantly experimenting with new dumpster finds. 

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