Saturday, November 20, 2010


Last Wednesday I took my mom all over town and shared with her some of my favorite thrift stores and hidden treasures. It was a very successful day to say the least! I came home with a 3 pieces of furniture, my mom bought a new vintage couch, and I gave her a wicker trunk and red lamp shade. That's the trick...keep recycling so you don't become a hoarder. I'd like to introduce to you my favorite piece from On a Whim new parlor chair!

And because I can't get Marimekko fabrics out of my mind, in a few days my new fabric will cover the seat of this parlor chair (and another parlor chair I already own). I know it's not my usual vibrant choice, but I have so many bright colors throughout the apartment that I thought this would be a nice addition. 

Stayed tuned for the after pictures and photos of the two chairs I'll be selling to make room for the parlors. Now it needs a table to live at...see how there is never an end to this madness?

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