Monday, November 22, 2010


The last 24 hours I've been waiting for the second issue of RUE magazine to go live. It's a new online design magazine created by Crystal of Plush Palette and Anne of City Sage. It's beautifully designed, it's inspiring, it's progressive and environmentally friendly. Now if only I could stuff the issue into my purse or save a copy to put on my book shelf. I guess this is the first excuse I've come up with that I might need an iPad. It got me thinking about our future and what technology is doing to change the way we live. With the Kindle and iPad we can now access anything at anytime (almost). We can download books and magazines, and for half the price of what a book would cost. So does this mean books are becoming extinct? Will I still be designing built-in bookcase for my clients in 5 years, or docking stations for their electronics? It's exciting and scary at the same time. Books add so much personality to design that I would hate to see them disappear. However, the way I dissect magazines and leave the remains in the recycling bin, maybe this online access isn't such a bad idea...but here are a few rooms that would miss the books. 

Would you miss them?

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