Thursday, December 23, 2010


There are many great things about working so close with clients for months on their project...sometimes years. Getting to know one another and working together can be such a wonderful experience, and it can also be a little sad when the work is done. Recently one of my first clients from almost 3 years ago stopped by with a couple thank you gifts (which is totally not necessary, but greatly appreciated). She know's me so well and it shows with her gifts. When I opened the peacock inspired scarf I couldn't believe that she hadn't just read my blog post about my obsession with peacocks! Really...she knows me so well! The second gift was "a book for drawing, creating, and dreaming" called My Wonderful World of Fashion

She said to use it as a stress reliever, a doodle book, a place to get the creative juices flowing, and that's exactly what I did yesterday afternoon during a computer malfunction (I'm seriously considering a Mac next time).  

Each page gives you an idea to start with. When I randomly opened the book to this page, the instructions were to create my own patchwork pattern. Although I only filled in two triangles with fluorescent pens, it was such a nice break from the computer which was taking it's sweet time reloading. 

I'm thinking I'll design some crazy tights later today!

If anyone is looking for a last minute gift for the creative type, this would be a great gift idea. You could even throw in a set of colored pencils!

Here's a list of places to shop online, or my client purchased it at Anthropologie (if you are lucky enough to live near one). 


  1. What a cool book! I want to color in those tights myself!

  2. I'm liking the paisley tights myself...