Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My style for years has been eclectic vintage or vintage modern, but lately I'm gravitating to the more modern side of things. A few things have contributed to this change, one of them being my recent subscription to Dwell magazine. The images and ideas that come out of this magazine make me want to start playing the lottery!

Lottery or not, I WILL build this reading nook someday (with my bare hands if I have to)...and why not take advantage of that unused space under the stairs with drawers? Imagine the miscellaneous items you could keep tucked away in there!

My 3rd floor apartment overlooks two small yards with chickens clucking around all day and I've grown quite fond of them. I'm not sure if I ever want to own chickens, but if I did, they would definitly live in a chicken coop like this one. 

They are pretty cute!

Study this picture long enough to notice everything that's going on here. What a great way to bring the outside's brilliant!

Although this space is a little bare for my taste, I love the idea of having a soaking tub and   skylight in the bedroom. This could be incredibly relaxing (or romantic) after a long day.

How about all glass hallways? It might be a little creepy at night, but it sure would be a great way to let in natural light.

 I'll be keeping these in mind for when I buy/build a house someday!


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