Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Our family has a few holiday traditions, but for the most part we try to keep things interesting by mixing up our gatherings. From a karaoke Christmas to an Elfster present swap, there's always a slight twist to our family events. Meals range from your typical turkey dinner to a mix of wonderful dishes from around the world...which is what we did this year. Beginning with sushi and dolmas for appetizers, dinner was a potluck of spicy chicken fajitas, traditional lasagna, and latkes with apple sauce...and although she is not with us any more, Grandma's famous cheesecake lives on thanks to cousin Laura. I love the family tradtion of 'not following a tradition,' but it's always nice to have a few familiar reminders of the great times spent with family over the years.

I am a huge fan of color, and sometimes I can have a hard time with a beige room, but wouldn't it be nice to have just one simple space to escape to? 

This is my kind of beige! Just a few pops of contracting colors go a long way. I could definitely get used to relaxing in this cozy alcove.

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