Tuesday, December 21, 2010


After a long weekend of great holiday gatherings (three to be exact) I'm anxious to get back to my normal eating habits. Please...no more sugar cookies (until Christmas at least)! Luckily, an early gift arrived in the mail the other day for my boyfriend and I. It was a box of "happiness" pears sent from Medford, Oregon, and given to us by his parents. They signed us up to receive a fresh "fruit of the month" for the next 6 months...what a wonderfully delicious (and healthy) gift idea! Thank you!!!

The pears became the subject of a photo shoot this week as I practiced using my new camera. Don't they look great in my new mod fruit bowl? They were perfect inspiration for this week's 'Tuesday's Treat', and how great are those chairs!?!...except that I think those are apples.

This shade of green mixed with bold chrome accents and geometric patterns screams retro...a style I'll always love...

...but for a softer look, pair this pear green (seriously...no pun intended) with brushed nickel or wood tones. Paint a wall, or accent with furniture and accessories...either way, this color is soothing and transitional and can compliment many different styles.  

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