Friday, October 29, 2010


Since I jumped the gun and carved my pumpkins too early this year I'll have to throw them out before Halloween (meaning when I get home tonight)...and because carving is a little too time consuming, here are some creative ways to decorate them. 

via Good Housekeeping

via Apartment Therapy

Since I'm a sucker for sparkles I may be getting out the glitter when I get home, but those Mod pumpkins are just up my alley!

...Or I may just place them throughout the house since time is running out. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to catch up on my never-ending pile of magazines. I had a few moments earlier today in between running errands and putting together the finishing touches on my Halloween costume to thumb through my latest issue of Dwell (articles to be read at another date). Without any details, here are some companies that grabbed my attention and will be explored in more depth in the near future. 

More to come very soon...I promise!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Last Monday I posted this picture on the Solo Thais Facebook page to help jump start my week. It was just a picture I stumbled across while searching for bright and inspiring interiors, and ever since I have been thinking of those bold graphics and bright yellow accents. 

Tonight I was online looking up the Regency Slipper Chair by Phyllis Morris after falling in love with it in my Elle Decor. I immediately pictured this in my future dressing room!

Then...after ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the glamorous website for awhile I stumbled across this...

SuperStar! wall coverings by Phyllis Morris. As I clapped and yelled "yay" out loud, it was then I realized I am such a NERD...but I'm still very excited to have made this discovery!

It's the little things...


Bright, bold colors make life a little more least in my book. One wall, one can of paint, and few hours can change the entire look of a room for just about $40. The best part about it, if you don't like it just paint over it. 

 A large open white wall space could seem unfinished in this kitchen, but by painting it a bold color the wall becomes a focal point and makes the room feel a bit more intimate. 

This eclectic turquoise dining room feels very warm and inviting even with a cool color painted on the walls. 

This shade of yellow is not one of my favorites, but it works well as a statement wall in this room with contrasting black and turquoise furniture and accessories. 

 I've grown to love pink lately. I still have a hard time wearing it, but covering my walls in hot problem!

 Purple will always be a comfort color for me. It's bold, but not painfully bright. 

 Living in Massachusetts this shade of green usually reminds me of the Boston Celtics and the many months fans will be sporting this color. As a non sports fan (but occasional supporter) I may have to start embracing this color more often. In fact I think I love this shade of green behind the stark white cabinetry!

What color would you choose?

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm not sure exactly what sparked my recent fascination with peacock's, but I'm now searching for the perfect peacock design to add to the Art Nouveau style tattoo on my back. I'm not sure when I will do this, but now that I have come to this decision, I see peacock designs everywhere!

White & Blue peacock 

They have the prettiest colors to inspire many designs!

I think this will be my next piece of artwork to purchase from local artist Nate Duval

But I also came across these graphic prints by Sally Boyle, which paired together are very sweet. 

I love the contrast of this off-white feather necklace against the black strapless dress by MissKK.  

These porcelain dinner plates from Anthropologie are $14 - $20 each.   

Dwell Studio has a collection a peacock inspired bedding....

...And Pier 1 Imports has peacock feather printed curtains. 

I love, love, love this peacock inspired wall paper available at Ferm Living. I really need to buy my own house so I can go wallpaper crazy!

I recently saw one of these wall sculptures at a friend's house and I have to admit, I'm keeping an eye out for one myself!

This could be my favorite peacock tattoo I've seen so far, but I would get mine with all of the fabulous colors the peacock is known for.  


Monday, October 11, 2010


Apartment Therapy posted this wallpaper adorable for a kids bedroom or play room! And since I have a slight obsession with these little creatures, I might even consider it in a funky "adult" bathroom or office. 

By Isak at BODIE and FOU


It's been a week full of wedding discussions as my newly engaged friends traveled from the West Coast to spend a few days with me. From color themes to music options, it's been a popular topic of conversation. It's exciting to share my own ideas, but I should try to hold back because I know I'm just one of many people with opinions about the "perfect wedding." But for the sake of parties, weddings, and everyday life, there is something so simple and magical about glowing paper lanterns. 

Did I show enough examples?!?