Monday, January 3, 2011


I've been on a bit of an art collecting kick lately after purchasing a print from Rich Pellegrino for my boyfriend for Christmas...which he loved!  

"Jack" by Rich Pellegrino

So I decided to treat myself to a Peggy Wolf print called "Twiggy" which was inspired by the 60's and the model Twiggy. It arrived today in a brown envelope from London with a personalized note from the artist on how to care for the print. 

"Twiggy" by Peggy Wolf

I was so excited I jumped back onto Esty and ordered another one called "StarStruck."

"StarStruck" by Peggy Wolf

Luckily my man is just as excited about collecting art as I am, so over the holidays we decided to start a collection of portraits from many different artists and display them as a collage on an open wall.   

And although my framed Marylin is just a poster from, she'll be a nice bold accent to the the wall of portraits. 

Maybe I can add a Solana original to it as well. My untitled black and blue portrait will finally have a place to live. 

We'll need some time (and money) to work up the collection, but in the meantime if anyone has a local artist's website they think I might enjoy, send it my way!

So far I think they look great together!

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