Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I'm a huge fan of wallpaper, especially when it's a twist on the traditional patterns. Take Flat Vernacular for instance..."Dollface" might not be for everyone, but how great would it be in a guest bedroom paired with very traditional furniture and accessories? 

"Dollface loves milkshakes, reading books, and fancy parties. She listens to Metallica, but only on Sundays."

I'm not a car person at all, but I do love the Toile de Derby wallpaper. Toile is a pattern on fabric or wallpaper depicting an intricate scene, and consists of one solid color on a white background. I'm sure everyone has come across tasteful toile, and too much toile at some point in their lives. I'm seeing this in a half bath with a black pedestal sink, a black Murano glass chandelier and a big bouquet of pink flowers...not exactly the place you would expect to see derby cars. 

"Adding a bit of class to the county fair side event. With this on your walls you’ll be inclined to bring mint juleps and wear your best seersucker suit to the next demolition derby."

I don't wear glasses {yet} but I've always wanted to try on the Geek Chic look...

...but for now maybe I'll try Four Eyes out on my walls before my doctor tells me otherwise. How about in a mudroom or walk-in closest? Lean a large, ornate, full length, fluorescent yellow mirror against the wall for trying on the perfect pair of glasses before you leave the house.  

"No matter what kind of glasses you fancy, someone is still bound to call you a nerd. This is really a shame because most glasses make you look like a stylish intellectual. At least people think you’re smart."

This next pattern called Too Much Stuff is exactly that! Too much "stuff" makes my heart beat a little too fast, but I suppose this could work with a few bold pieces and a well kept room for a sense of balance. 

"If you piled all of your belongings together how big would it be? Why not put everything on the walls? This paper makes that possible without cramping your space."

I see dancing robots in this energetic pattern. What does Groupo look like to you?

"Out of the saddle climbing the Col du Tourmalet, your lungs are working hard against the thin air and your legs are pumping battery acid through your veins. That’s the thrill of how you’ll feel with Groupo hanging behind your TV as you watch cooking shows."

I'm so ready to get my hands on a project where we can get a little wild and crazy! If anyone is interested...you know where to find me.

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