Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Thank you so much to my brother {Dylan} and my sister-in-law {Jess} for the fabulous 1960's/1970's retro dinnerware from Japan. It's been in Jess' family for many years, but it recently needed a new home. Knowing my love for vintage and retro finds they passed it on to me...and being an Aquarius myself, it seemed like a perfect match. 

I've been drinking a lot of tea lately, so these petite teacups and saucers will definitely come in handy.

The blue and green color match my decor perfectly! This retro green can be found throughout my apartment {and soon to be seen in my latest DIY project}.

I just threw out an old bouquet of flowers, so for a centerpiece I used a small potted plant. Adding a little live green to the table brought out the green in the dinnerware.

 I love eating with chopsticks but I always forget to reach for them, so I decided to leave them out for my next meal...

...and my empty Patron bottle finally came in handy. 

This fantastic teapot is not part of the collection, but it fits in wonderfully. I blogged about teapots last month {a blog called I'm a Little Teapot} and my boyfriend's parents surprised me with it for my birthday. I absolutely love it! 

Thanks again to everyone who knows me so well!

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