Monday, March 21, 2011


A couple weeks ago I came across these chairs in the new Anthropologie catalog and fell in love {see post here}

Since $250 {per chair} is out of the question, I decided to make over my two ice cream parlor chairs using the Le Versha Chairs as my inspiration. 

Let me start by saying this wasn't easy! I'm not sure I ever want to take apart/put together another one of these chairs...but now seeing the finished product, I'm glad I did. 

Although my inspiration came from four chairs that were each a different color, I decided I would start with orange. I also couldn't quite bring myself to paint the natural metal chair, so I left it as is but added matching fabric to the seat cushion. 

Here's how it all came together. 

A can of spray paint...

 A stack of cloth napkins...

A staple gun...

And scissors {matching nail polish just a coincidence}. 

I can't wait for warmer weather so these can live out on the porch. I may even search for one more with a different shape to the backrest. I'm clearly going through an orange and turquoise phase, but I thought the chairs really came to life next to my DIY turquoise table {maybe the nail polish wasn't a coincidence}!

Someone please stop me next time I'm at CVS!