Monday, April 11, 2011

CONSOLE TABLE QUEST {weekend project}

I've been searching for a simple, narrow console table to hold our {large} collection of house plants. After a few unsuccessful trips to local thrift stores, I decided to see if I could work with something I already own. The only piece I could find was the table my boyfriend made in 'shop class' back in high school. There was just one was too deep for a console table. Here's how we solved that little problem.

This table has surprisingly lasted 10 years and is still a sturdy piece of furniture, so we decided to modify it to fit our needs. 

We removed the wood support brackets from each long end, cut about 12" out of the center of the table and then pieced it back together. We did this by using small metal brackets along the seam. We ended up adding longer, 6" metal brackets for extra support {not shown}.  

We made an imperfect cut to give the table a "rustic" feel.  

Once the table was sturdy again, we had to decide on a color. Can you guess? Yes, we went turquoise {again} but it fits with the rest of the DIY side tables in the living room. 

We added one coat of white primer, one coat of "Duck's Egg" by Martha Stewart and scuffed up the edges with coarse sandpaper. 

We paired it with a smaller table I painted a few months ago to fill the open space under the new console table.  

This is an example of how much sunlight pours through these windows. Our plants are very happy!

We are very pleased with our new console table and glad we were able to give it a new life. 


  1. Looks great paired up with the smaller table! Can't believe he still had that thing laying around....and in such great shape!

  2. Thanks:)

    I think my mom still has the side table I made in shop class...if only I knew back then that I would enjoy woodworking!

  3. i love your style, solana! you seem to strike such a great balance between rustic/"found" objects and clean lines, which makes for an inviting, comfortable, calm vibe. :)

  4. Thank you Lynn! I definitely have been embracing more of a rustic decor lately to off-set those straight, modern lines. Thanks for following!