Monday, April 18, 2011

JUST A QUICKIE {weekend project}

After a great weekend with friends, food and fashion {more about that soon} I didn't have much time to get my hands dirty with a project around the apartment. However, as my Sunday was coming to an end I started looking around for a quick and easy project to fill that creative void, eventually deciding this $3 table would be perfect {purchased a few months ago}. With the table top cracked down the center, the legs covered in scotch tape and loose screws in every corner, I knew I didn't want to invest too much time into saving this side without planning, I just went for it.

After removing the top section I filled in the exposed screw holes with wood filler and gently sanded down the surface. It was far from perfect so I decided to work with it "as is".

As I glanced at my paint selection I was immediately drawn to my spray paints from another project {here}. PINK & GOLD.

I lightly dusted the top of the table with pink spray paint, covered the middle of the table with random strips of blue painters tape and sprayed over it with gold paint. 

As I pulled the tape off it also peeled away some of the pink paint so I, again, embraced the beat up character of the table. I sprayed the top of the table with a semi gloss polyurethane and called it good. 

And for's a coffee table/foot rest in the corner of the dining room where I can sit and catch up on my design magazines. If warm weather ever decide to make an appearance, these pieces may move outside. 

So...the next question I spray paint the wicker chair? I'm tempted, but I think I'll wait for some feedback. 

I used the same blue tape and spray paint technique to create a quick piece of art below Marylin. 

With the sounds of the Celtics game in the background, I happily tucked myself in this corner last night and blogged away!

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