Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just thought I would share this post with you again...I'm still loving peacocks in design! Happy Weekend! ~ Solana

I'm not sure exactly what sparked my recent fascination with peacock's, but I'm now searching for the perfect peacock design to add to the Art Nouveau style tattoo on my back. I'm not sure when I will do this, but now that I have come to this decision, I see peacock designs everywhere!

White & Blue peacock 

They have the prettiest colors to inspire many designs!

I think this will be my next piece of artwork to purchase from local artist Nate Duval

But I also came across these graphic prints by Sally Boyle, which paired together are very sweet. 

I love the contrast of this off-white feather necklace against the black strapless dress by MissKK.  

These porcelain dinner plates from Anthropologie are $14 - $20 each.   

Dwell Studio has a collection a peacock inspired bedding....

...And Pier 1 Imports has peacock feather printed curtains. 

I love, love, love this peacock inspired wall paper available at Ferm Living. I really need to buy my own house so I can go wallpaper crazy!

I recently saw one of these wall sculptures at a friend's house and I have to admit, I'm keeping an eye out for one myself!

This could be my favorite peacock tattoo I've seen so far, but I would get mine with all of the fabulous colors the peacock is known for.  


  1. Where's the peacock card?? :)

  2. I should have added it! I put this post together a while ago before I knew about your peacock cards...I think there's one left so i can take a picture of it:)