Wednesday, May 25, 2011

BEFORE & AFTER {pillows and faux wood table}

My days off are usually spent doing laundry, cleaning, food shopping and trying to fit in a little art project. Today I managed to fit in a couple projects between those loads of laundry. First I decided to make new pillow covers from some fabric I picked up at ikea...and for only $2.99/yard. I'm pretty impatient when it comes to using a sewing machine, but my relaxed vacation vibe must still be with me because I took my time and love the results!


Fabric (orange fabric not used)

Ironing and pinning helped line up the stripes


Since I decided not to use the orange fabric (because it was too thin) I'm going to re-cover the brown striped pillow in a bold, colorful fabric to add a little color to these navy and white stripes...stay tuned.  

Next, as I was sweeping the front porch, I took one look at a $10 bench I bought from Goodwill a couple months ago and decided it was time to do something with it {since it was just collecting junk}.


As I started to spray paint it orange, I changed my mind and decided to attempt faux wood painting.  

After applying the first coat of a medium tan paint, I then brushed on an espresso colored paint spritzing it with water as I went along, allowing the tan show through. 

My supplies...the hammer and nail was used to beat up the surface to give it a distressed look. 


When my boyfriend walked in after work and asked where I got the new coffee table...I knew I had successfully painted my first faux rustic wood table!

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