Thursday, June 2, 2011


For those of you who live in Massachusetts I'm sure we are all feeling the same way in the aftermath of the tornadoes that blew across the state yesterday...and for those of you who don't live here...this usually rarely NEVER happens...or at least in my lifetime! The damage is unbelievable and my heart goes out the those who lost their homes or loved ones {there were 4 fatalities}. It's strange how quickly things can change. 

 Yesterday, my day off began at 7:00 am with a P90X workout (don't laugh...I'm hooked) followed by breakfast on the porch with my little one. 

After my usual 'day off search for a new project' errands, I returned home with a $5 table, a few cans of metallic spray paint and new fabric for a throw pillow project.  

The sky was clear so I set up my easel on the porch to begin a new painting...something I haven't done in awhile. I started this cityscape paining over the winter and I just wasn't into it, so I painted over it with a fresh idea in mind {I'll keep you posted}.  

That's when I saw the clouds roll in...I packed up and moved inside. For the next 5 hours as storms rolled past, my mind was filled with 'what ifs'. I've never thought I might have to grab the animals and run into the basement because of a tornado in Western Mass!

Luckily I didn't, but many people across the state did...there is a lot of damage and our local communities could use our help. Here is one way to start...

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