Saturday, June 4, 2011

{rustic-bohemian} STUDIO SPACE

This time of year is when I feel most inspired to paint. Not just furniture, but actual paintings. I started 3 paintings last Spring, and after a couple months of occasionally working on them, I lost all motivation to finish. They collected dust over the long winter months, but now as the days are getting longer, and the late afternoon sun pours into my apartment, that motivation has returned. 

I'm currently on the lookout for a new apartment in town...something with a small yard where Miguel can bask in the sun and roll around in dead worms {dog know what I'm talking about} but I would also love a place with an extra room with great light where I can escape the sounds of never-ending playoff games and get lost in my own world, freely blasting my eclectic mix of 90's dance music, Shakira {in Spanish}, Gogol Bordello, Iron & Wine and The Black Keys {a recent obsession}. A little over a month ago Feather Love Photography out of San Diego posted an ad to share their studio space, and although I won't be moving across the country anytime soon, I may have to borrow some of the rustic-bohemian decor ideas for my future studio.

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