Sunday, June 12, 2011

SUNDAY BREAKFAST {I'll take a rain check}

My personal chef has been called into work on this dreary Sunday morning, and I am left to fend for myself! I'm not that helpless, but I do look forward to that healthy, home-cooked breakfast we have made somewhat of a ritual over the last year and a half. Now that I have food on my mind, I'm not only trying to figure out what type of breakfast I can come up with using the random items in my refrigerator, but it also has me thinking of a ladies brunch I hosted last year...and my lazy Bloody Marys {more about those in a bit}. 

Last summer 5 lovely ladies joined me in my apartment for a very fulfilling {and hilarious} Sunday brunch which continued well into the early evening, eventually turning into a small dinner barbecue when the boys returned. It was so much fun that I think it's time for another! However, many of you already know that I would rather set the table, mix the drinks and clean up the mess then prepare a meal for my very talented friends, many of which work in restaurant kitchens or have in the past. So...when the time comes, I will offer up my table setting skills and cleaning services to the ones who make the food-magic happen...and here is some tabletop inspiration for our next ladies brunch...

Oh...and about those lazy bloody marys...they got the name after our bellies were full and our glasses were empty, and the 4 remaining girls sat around my dining room table as we passed our glasses to the right, pouring each ingredient in one by one {still seated}. Perhaps a tabletop lazy susan would have come in handy for those Lazy Bloody Marys! 

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