Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've become quite the dedicated follower to a design blog called 79 Ideas by Radostina, a blogger and graphic designer from the Czech Republic. She has a great eye for truly beautiful spaces and I look forward to her daily posts. As I scrolled through the images from today's post, A Home Full of Creative Ideas, I realized I must try some of these ideas in my own home. 

Working at a kitchen design showroom {with a warehouse attached} I have my pick of pallets to give this DIY coffee table a try. I tend to like coffee tables that are a bit taller so I might try doubling them up. Once I find the perfect pair, I'll need 4 casters and a custom glass top to complete my new table. Let the search begin!

That also brings me to this tree stump with wheels...

A few years ago I spent the summer in Chicago with my good friend Crystal {a fabulous interior designer and owner of Chic Antique} assisting her on a few projects. The summer I was there she had a tree cut down in her backyard, so when it was time for me pack up and head back to the east coast, I lugged a few of these stumps along with me. 

I've had many ideas for them over the years, but nothing ever came of them. I think a rolling stump is just what I need!

{More about Chic Antique coming soon!}

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