Saturday, July 9, 2011


Last night my boyfriend and I spent the evening watching his 4 year old niece so her parents could have a few hours to themselves. It was a wonderful whirlwind of coloring, dance performances, dress up, singing and playing with some of my DIY's...I'm glad my pink spray painted animals were a hit! It got me thinking about the dress-up bin I had when I was little. It was filled with some of my mom's clothes from the 70's, my own recital costumes and hand-me-down poofy dresses..this was the mid 80's after all. I played dress-up for the majority of my childhood and in someways continue to do so to this day {Halloween, theme parties or any other excuse to get dressed up}. Luckily I was prepared with many options for last nights activities, one of the big ticket items being a coin headscarf I used when I took belly dancing years ago, but it fit great around her tiny waist as a coin belt. As she shimmed around our living room it got me thinking about putting together a special trunk, suitcase or some type of bin for her to dive into each time she comes over, each time adding little surprises for her to find. I'm now on the lookout for that perfect piece!  

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  1. She had a great time too!

    (yah - I figured out the problem!!)