Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{our house} THE LIVING ROOM

As most of you know my boyfriend and I have spent this past weekend moving into our new home, and this morning we carried the last of the junk boxes in from our cars. I've woken up each morning with aches and pains from going up and down our old apartment staircase {3 flights!} but very excited to wake up in our quaint single level ranch. Rooms are filling up quickly, so we decided to get started on the living room remodel right away. Four years ago I would have painted my walls a bright red or orange, but as I search for more peaceful surroundings these days, I'm drawn to neutrals. Gray walls are the new beige, otherwise know as greige {I didn't make that's really the new word in the design world} and I'm definitely on board. In June I posted images of gray interiors {here} and have decided to use those as inspiration for our new living room. 

Brass and bold color accessories will pop against the gray and white palette allowing me to change out the accents as my mood changes {which is often}. Here are a few examples of the living room vibe I'm hoping to achieve. 

I already picked up some Benjamin Moore samples this morning on my way into work, so stay tuned for the final color selections for our walls.

A few more views of the living room before...

Miguel always makes an appearance! I bought the pillow covers a few months ago saving them for the big move. I first saw them on Oh So Glam and just had to have them. They are available on Etsy for only $30 a pair!

The wall dividing the living room and kitchen is hopefully coming down this weekend, and should  make both rooms appear larger. 

This closet is great storage for now, but later on down the road it may become a built-in bookcase, a wine bar or it may just be removed all together. 

I love that we have a wall sconce to work with, but I'll definitely be changing it out, or at least changing the shade. 

We only have to tear down wallpaper from one wall in the living room...however, it's a different story in the spare bedroom.

I'm excited to see what the fireplace surround looks like against the white brick. I love the brass details!

We should make decent progress this weekend thanks to a few family members who have volunteered to help.


  1. Sounds like you have some great plans coming up, and I just love that fireplace!

    ... we have chosen the same colors for our living room ;-)


  2. Yes...we have lots to do! My new favorite store is Benjamin Moore :)

  3. I think the second living room photo is the most ideal. You'll get a lovely rustic look after painting the bricks with white. Can't wait for photos after the room makeover.

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  4. Thanks Florence. The living room transformation is going great so far! A full post should follow sometime soon...hopefully after this weekend. Thanks for reading:)