Friday, September 9, 2011


It's been two days since I returned from the land of antiques and I can't stop thinking about everything I saw. It was unbelievable how much "stuff" was tucked into this little town in Massachusetts. I did not find the credenza/buffet I was hoping to find, but I definitely did not leave empty-handed. One of the first things I fell in love with was a brass plated bamboo tea cart. I didn't buy it right away, but as the day came to an end and my mom and I were ready to call it quits, I knew I would regret it if I didn't go back for all we had to do was remember where we saw it. When we got to the spot we thought it was, everything was gone. Luckily I was recognized by the owner of the tent and he asked what I was looking for telling me they were just packing up for the day. The tea cart was still there and after a quick barter I left with my new side table {or serving cart for parties}. 

 I also came home with this sunny yellow vintage table cloth for my bohemian inspired four-season porch {more about that soon}.

 And when I saw these heavy industrial numbers, I couldn't resist buying the 2 and the 9 {our new house number}.

Here are a few more pictures of what I saw in Brimfield...

The aftermath of the June tornadoes that surprised and devastated Brimfield and other surrounding towns.

The rain didn't let up at all, but that didn't stop us. I'm tempted to go back this weekend, but I think I'll save it for next year when I have a better grasp of what we actually need for the house. 


  1. hi there.

    ah, those bracelets, that wooden table, and the metal container boxes!

  2. Hi there Monica. I'm kicking myself for forgetting to go back to the bracelets! There was sooo much to see!