Monday, October 17, 2011

LIVING ROOM "BUILT-IN" {our house}

A few weeks ago when the new floors were going in, we decided to get rid of the living room closet all together and incorporate a built-in bookcase of some sort. As soon as we took the closet doors off, the space felt bigger and we knew we had made the right decision. Now...all we had to do was design a cabinet to fit the space and decide what were we going to use that cabinet for. We both agreed on DVD storage....until this morning. 

Last year we bought a turntable and started collecting new and old records. It's become a Sunday ritual to cook breakfast while exploring our collection. It's very portable, but I love the idea of giving it a permanent home. It hit me this morning that this nook would be the perfect place for our records and turntable. This means adding electricity to the space, but luckily we have an outlet close by for some rewiring. And if we are going to add an outlet...we might as well add a fabulous little light fixture! are a couple options we played around with before deciding on the record storage...
Option #1: Quartersawn maple or cherry cabinet with 2 shelves

Option #2: Painted cabinet with 3 shelves

Option #3: THE WINNER!
Painted base cabinet for record storage, 2 shelves for smaller books 
and a decorative pendant light

Stay tuned for our wallpaper options...that's going to be a tough one. 


  1. Option 3 looks like a little disco party in there! Good choice!

  2. You know how I love a good disco party!!!

  3. I agree, go with the disco party them in this cute little nook...and keep us all posted!

  4. @ Chic Antique
    I'll definitely keep everyone posted!