Friday, November 11, 2011

{high-contrast} KITCHEN OF THE WEEK

My clients are always curious about what my kitchen looks like. When they find out I do not have my dream kitchen, the next question is, what would I design for myself? It's not always an easy answer, but I try to simplify my ideas and I do have some favorite products. Because I know the many different styles and products that are out there, I tend to want them all! I know I could mix my vintage/bohemian-chic/glam/sleek/modern/industrial/salvaged look, but would the end result be as stunning as sticking to one or two of those styles? I guess that's for me to find out...someday. One of the many design styles I'm attracted to is the high-contrast, modern kitchen; dark stained cabinets, white quartz counter tops and stainless steel in all directions. I'd most likely add a little more color or vintage touches to any of these spaces, but there is something so straight-forward about these kitchens, like they are, this is where you cook.  

I love the idea of introducing a sofa in the kitchen, probably because that's where you would find me, but it does create an inviting atmosphere for guests to relax while dinner is being prepared. 

I love stainless and glass range hoods. Hoods can take up a lot of space so introducing one with glass immediately makes the room more open. 

This galley kitchen is excellent for preparing large meals, and open shelves filled with books and accessories makes it feel a little more lived-in. 

Having said that...{Seinfeld episode anyone?}...I think I would miss the bold, colorful accents and patterns I'm typically drawn to. This is why I'm in the right business...I can express my attraction to many different styles through other people!

{images via Pinterest}


  1. I'd like this kitchen for Christmas...Yes, please! :-)

  2. Wouldn't that be great to wake up to a new kitchen on Christmas morning?!

  3. Glass, transparent hood is a nice idea. It surely does look more spacious