Friday, November 18, 2011

KITCHEN OF THE WEEK {serene & simple}

This week's kitchen is one I had the pleasure of designing last year. It was a collaborative effort between the homeowners, architect and myself, and the end result is beautiful...I just wish I had before pictures so you could see the amazing transformation. Imagine taking away that left corner window, shrinking the width of the kitchen by 6 feet and adding dark kitchen cabinets to the narrow space. Now it's a large open space with tons of natural light and a gorgeous view of the back yard. In addition to the kitchen I also designed the powder bath, laundry room and had my hands on a few other projects throughout the renovation. This project is up there among my favorites. Everyone I worked with {architect, homeowners, contractors, landscapers, tile installers, upholsterer, etc} was so creative and SO pleasant to work with. Kitchen renovations can be stressful, but it's all what you make of it. I can gladly say I made some great friends and contacts on this job!

Sorry for the fish-eye view...saving up for a true wide-angle lens soon!

I designed a floating cabinet box just big enough for the microwave to fit. The top of the microwave box acts as a shelf, and above that is a smaller floating shelf which adds an interesting architectural detail to the space. 

This island is my baby. It's simple, but it went through a lot of revisions...and when we couldn't decide if legs or brackets looked better supporting the countertop overhang, I design a combination of the two. Since this was a custom design, I had to figure out exactly how I wanted these leg to be built. 

The bracket/leg combos support the right end of the island and two of them on the corner create a "tree affect" {or so I call it}, where simple square legs support the other side where there is not a countertop overhang. 

Aren't they pretty!?!

This right corner also went through a lot of revisions. Our goal was to create storage, but we didn't want to block the light from the new window. Although a cabinet wouldn't have blocked the light, having floating shelves tucked in the corner does create an airier feel. 

These double oven ranges are big right now. My clients love any of you have one?

Another little detail...see where the molding almost meets the ceiling? We held the molding down from the ceiling by 1/4" creating a shadow line. It's a subtle detail, but it hides the fact that the ceiling is not perfectly flat. I'm obsessed with the shadow line design!

Oh...and this faucet! The Pilar Touch2-0 faucet by Delta...just a slight tap of the finger and it turns on and off. Perfect for when you are preparing raw food, but don't want to get the handle dirty. 

Although I didn't have anything to do with the tile design, I just wanted to share how well it compliments the kitchen and those bar stool. Where I would be standing in the above photo, there used to be a wall separating the den from the kitchen. Now it is wide open with two half walls {which I did help design} and the den is the perfect place to cuddle up on the sofa and dive into a new book. 

{images via Solo Thais}

Stay tuned for pictures the adorable powder bath. 

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