Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TUESDAY'S {thanksgiving} TREAT

If only this New England fall weather allowed adorable little outfits like this striped mini and layered sweater...but I'm happy to settle for a lovely layered dessert such as this pumpkin praline trifle from Bakers Royal. 

Or how about layering rich colors, patterns and textures such as this luscious living room or dramatic dining room? The color pallets are fairly simple, only 3-4 colors, but the way they are used add depth and drama. 

Gold, tan and black look great together for a festive holiday table setting. Keeping a color palette to a minimum can sometimes have a bigger impact then going over the top with too much color.  


  1. Love the layering, beautiful images
    x katrina

  2. Thank you Katrina. I'm glad you enjoyed these images as much as I do!
    Thanks for reading!
    xo Solana