Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FOR THE KIDS {new showroom}

We {Classic Kitchens} are just a few weeks away from moving into our new kitchen and bath design showroom. For a small staff of 6 people, we really know how to get things done! Between working on current jobs, designing new displays, packing up the old showroom and the holidays approaching, we are all looking forward to settling in the new place, but all of this hard work will be soooo worth it!

Our old showroom featured 8 kitchen displays which we will be bringing to the new space. The new showroom will now hold about 25+ displays including a mudroom, dining room, walk-in closet, lounge, banquet, playroom, etc, and we've all had a hand in designing these new displays. My boss and I have been working on the playroom design which has finally come together. The cabinets are ordered and the walls are painted, and in just a few short weeks this is what the very colorful playroom will look like. 

That black swoop-y thing on the wall is a chalkboard. We had planned to paint a square on the wall, but my paint brush took over and this is what happened. Now lets just hope the kids stay in the lines or I'll be touching this up more then I had planned. 

The bright orange nook will be a great place for kids to grab a book and read while their parents are meeting with us in the banquet just on the other side of the wall {coming soon}. 

We've partnered up with Kim from Kim's Upholstery in town for all our upholstery needs. She does fabulous work and we are excited to show off her creations in our new showroom. She'll be making the upholstered cushion for this nook once we decide on the fabric.

Stay tuned for more showroom updates and follow our progress on the Classic Kitchens facebook page {here}. 

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