Thursday, December 29, 2011

MY {wallpaper} PINTEREST

I've been on quite the wallpaper hunt ever since the "record nook" was designed. This might be the most indecisive I've ever been when it comes to choosing something for my home. I thought I would go for a bold damask pattern, but once I stumbled these photos, the decision became even harder. I also have to keep in mind that now there are two of us that have to come to an agreement and my pink and gold damask might have to wait for another project.

bright and stylized

printed and playful

black and white

delicate pink

glamorous skulls

turquoise and teal

thick and thin

{images via Pinterest}

We've actually decided on one of the above...stay tuned for the reveal of our record nook wallpaper!


  1. I hope it's glamorous skulls!!

  2. Aghhhh....I wish I had more rooms so I could use them all! I love the glamorous skulls. Maybe I can find a place for them.

  3. My guess (and vote) is for the turquoise!!

  4. They are all awesome! I love how bold wallpaper is cool again! ... decisions!

  5. I love that wallpaper is cool again too!

  6. Who makes the teal/turquiose? feather wallpaper?

    1. This is where I first saw this wallpaper, but I can't seem to find it on the Duralee website.