Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BOHEMIAN DECOR {and our porch}

I've been obsessing over bohemian inspired design and fashion ever since I posted about Feather Love Photography's studio space {here}, so I've decided to devote one room of our new house to this style. One of the selling points to our home was the addition of a back porch. It has heat and air conditioning, so it actually counts as another room in the house, however we still refer to it as "the porch". Right now it holds all of our plants, the dining room table, an over-sized leather chair and a second TV. It's definitely going to be a multi-purpose room {and an escape for me when football is on}. Here is what it looks like now...

And here is my inspiration when it comes time to focus on the design of this space...

I want to start with a new wall color...any thoughts?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ANIMAL ART {obsession}

I have a little obsession with silly animal art. I've posted about animals in design here and here, and I thought...why not one more! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

TAKE ME FOR A RIDE {in your airstream}

Today was the third day in a row that I found myself following a Winnebago on the highway, drifting off into la-la-land thinking about the fabulous road trip I took with my best friend almost 10 years ago this November. Our road trip landed us in beautiful Portland, Oregon where she is now preparing to marry her wonderful man in just 2 weeks! We traveled across the country in her teal Geo Prism, jam-packed with all the essentials to last us a few weeks, such as 5 lbs weights and yoga mats for workouts in the motels {yeah right!}. Although we may have packed some ridiculous items, our two and a half week trip was one of the most memorable and life changing adventures of our lives. Seeing these RV's on the road make me want to do this again, this time with a larger vehicle, perhaps one I can design and decorate {I can't resist} since setting up a tent each night is not my I'm more into glamping {glamorous camping} then roughin' it in the woods. I've decided a vintage Airstream is just what I need...that and a bag full of money to afford it!



{images via Pinterest}

Thursday, September 22, 2011


As a lover of all things shiny, bold and colorful, I also love the look of all white rooms. Anyone can paint their walls white and add a few pieces of white furniture, but how do you add visual interest, depth and character to that room without adding very much color? Well, here's how...

White decorative molding enhances the architecture, the pendant lights add depth to this bright white hallway and the black horse statue is a playful touch to an elegant space. 

Suspending a swing from the ceiling inside this white dining area is such a fantastic {and fun} way to play with the height of the room. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the ceiling and skylight.

Add one or two colorful accents so they pop against the white backdrop. 

Displaying white and clear dinnerware on white shelves is functional and also adds an interesting architectural element to the space. 

White horizontal wood paneling adds character to the walls in this attic bedroom and brightens a space that may not get very much natural light. 

Play with different textures in an all white space...

...Or you could go totally crazy and cover all your books with white paper so your book shelf follows the white theme of your room {I love this idea, just not sure if I have the time or patience for it}.

Reflective accessories will bounce light of the white walls and add a bit of glam to the space. 

My all time favorite is the wall of empty white frames! Although not filled with art or photographs, this wall is a work-of-art on it's own. You might see something similar to this in my home in the near future!

{images via my "White Rooms" on Pinterest}

So what do you think about the all-white room?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've always been someone who is not afraid to decorate with {many} bold colors, but with the new house I'm trying to tame those colors on the walls and floors so I can use bold accents in artwork and accessories. I bought this area rug for the living room to stay with that neutral palette, but it's just so...beige. It'll probably look great against the new wood floors and bold accents I have planned for the space, but if not, I can always move it into the bedroom. It's images like these that have me regretting the simple beige circle rug...