Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's true. Up until recently I didn't have the patience for cooking. I've worked in restaurants most of my life and became spoiled with being able to eat {almost} anything off the menu. When I do cook, it's eggs, veggie burgers out of a box, rice and steamed veggies, and I mainly rely on condiments for flavor. That's why, in our household, I stay out of the kitchen until it's time to clean up. Well...that's all starting to change. I've been following my good friend Susanne's wonderful food blog for sometime now, Daughter of the Daily Special, and trying a few things here and there, slightly gaining the confidence and patience required to prepare a simple meal. I know...sounds pathetic! Anyway, I'm so inspired by her simple, extremely healthy and delicious recipes that I just had to share my excitement about my new found appreciation for cooking. 

This salad was a very satisfying meal for dinner the other night. No other sides dishes or proteins were needed to fill my belly.

This carrot salad {slightly modified} has become a staple component to my daily lunch salad...and carrots were not one of my favorite veggies. 

A simple Greek salad, grilled asparagus and quinoa were the perfect ingredients for a gals lunch this past summer...prepared by Susanne of course. 

Last night I made a batch of black bean patties, a recipe she emailed me, but perhaps might show up on her blog someday. I've always had a healthy diet, but this takes it to the next level. Not only does she share how to prepare these simple meals, but also explains when certain fruits and vegetables are in season, and what type of nutrients they provide to our bodies. Isn't that what eating should be about? If you are what you eat...I'm am now {more so then before} an assortment of rainbow colored fruits and vegetables with the addition of nuts and fish {and maybe a little red wine}. Subscribe to her blog so you don't miss the next recipe! 

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