Monday, January 16, 2012

OUR BATHROOM {hold onto your hat}

When we started looking for a house to buy, our house was one of the first listings I came across, and the first one I dismissed because of the hideous bathroom. After seeing over 12 houses and losing one, we decided to at least take a look. Although it desperately needed updating, we could see past the ugly. A fresh coat of paint, new floors and a little demolition made all the difference, but we knew one room wasn't going to be that simple...the bathroom. I tried to think of ways we could make it work and remodel it on a DIY budget, but there isn't. It's going to be a full-gut renovation. Since I know what a bathroom renovation can cost, we are starting to collect our plumbing products and accessories little by little, so in a few months we will have everything on hand and be ready to go. In the meantime, let me share with you our mustard yellow, gold and brown bathroom!

Why so low?

So far we have purchased a Toto toilet, Robern mirror/medicine cabinet and Trikeenan floor tile. We have a ways to go, but this mock-up has me inspired to keep collecting what we need to keep this project on schedule. The chandelier over the toilet may be a stretch, but I love a little glam in the bathroom while getting ready!


  1. The new look is amazing!! I simply love the fixture above the toilet!

    1. Thank you! I love that fixture too! I hope I can find something like it that won't break the bank.