Wednesday, January 4, 2012

THE RECORD NOOK {part 2 & 3: wallpaper and lighting}

I thought I was going to wait to share with you our wallpaper selection for the record nook...but I can't wait any longer. A few of you guessed {from my wallpaper post the other day} I was going to choose the glamorous skulls or the turquoise print...both great guesses, and if I had been designing this area a year or two ago, you might have been spot on. In general, I am attracted to bold patterns and bright colors, but I've come to realize that's not always the best choice since my style changes so often. We decided to choose something more subtle, a little retro and light enough that the bold colors from our books don't compete with the pattern. We choose Madison and Grow's, Madison wallpaper in Dijonnaise! This delicate, hand-drawn chain link pattern will be the perfect backdrop to our book collection and record storage. 

We actually used this pattern in our first design of the record nook {see below} and kept going back to just felt right. 

Now for that light! The program I design with is called Google Sketchup. This program allows me to design in 3D and to search for decorative items, such as lighting, through a shared online gallery. I chose this light just to show how a light would dress up the space {I also liked the shape}. Well, I've become slightly obsessed with this bubble pendant light and just spent the last couple hours scouring the Internet for a similar style. This is what I found...

via Z Gallerie $399

This is exactly what I was hoping to find, but it's a little too large for the space and a little more then what we wanted to I searched some more...

This pendant has a similar shape, it's a little smaller and has the just the right amount of bling for the space. I found it for $213 on Amazon, but I still have bubbles on my mind so my search may not be over. Stay tuned for record nook updates!


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