Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I live right around the corner from an elementary school, and each morning on my way to work, traffic slows down to 20 mph to pass the school grounds. On the corner of the crosswalk is a smiling crossing guard waving at every car that passes. The first few times she waved to me I thought she must have mistaken me for someone else, so I gave her a quick wave back until I realized how ridiculous it was to think that someone would only wave if they knew me. How about waving just to be kind? I started to pay more attention to her as I drove by, slowing down even more to get a closer look. Her smile was genuine and I soon began to look forward to these two second interactions with a complete stranger each morning. To me, she is a reminder that life doesn't have to be so stressful. That what I do for work, I do because it makes me happy...but there are those mornings when I wake up to the stress of knowing how much I have to accomplish in a day. You know, those days that are powered by pure adrenaline, sometimes forgetting to come up for air? MY crossing guard is helping me realize to take a deep breath, slow down and accomplish what I can, knowing I've tried my best. 

via ARTslant 

A few artsy crosswalks just because...

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