Wednesday, April 11, 2012

THE FAB FRENCH DRESSER {before & after}

This dresser has been a part of my life for a few years now, and has always been used for additional storage for those random household items. It's a cheap dresser, but I'm not ready to let it go...and everyone needs that "junk drawer", so why not disguise your junk in a fabulously chic dresser? My inspiration for this makeover came from The Glamourai's bedroom furniture makeovers {here and here}. We definitely have a black and white theme going on in our house right now, so this dresser fits right in. 

Baby Giraffe via The Animal Print Shop


  1. Spectacular restoration job there mate! Geez, that is even an understatement! You say it's French but the aura it presents to me is that of a contemporary Victorian elegance. Great job!

    1. It definitely has a Victorian feel as well. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Love the redo and could that dog be any more adorable?!